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    More New Stuff

    More New Stuff! Hello Friends and “Others,” It’s been an honor to meet you at the shows on this leg of the Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever The F@%K He Wants: 50 Years Of Frank Tour. I hear your voices in the audience and...Read more
  • What happens when women listen to Zappa?

    What happens when women listen to Zappa?

      Hello Everyone, I am writing from inside the tour bus while we are getting ready to drive from Asheville to Raleigh NC. The 50 Years Of Frank tour has been going well. I met a guy today who told me a story about buying...Read more
  • 2017 is here but yo, where my goodies at?

    2017 is here but yo, where my goodies at?

    Hello "Others",2017 is here and the "Others Of Intention" campaign continues to race towards the goal. Thank you very much for your continued support! In case some of you are new to Pledge Music or are still thinking of...Read more
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    Happy Holidays

    Hello Everyone, So much has happened with the "Others Of Intention" Pledge Music campaign in such a short time. I want to thank everyone once again for their support! Another thing I'd like to mention is that I really...Read more


    Hello Everyone, My new Pledge Music campaign is officially up and running! With your support I will be able to protect the rights to use the name my father gave me! Not only that, there is a lot of cool stuff and new...Read more
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    DWEEZILLA 2017!

    2017Hello Everyone, I'm excited to announce that my DWEEZILLA Music Boot Camp has come out of hibernation and is returning to the Full Moon Resort in 2017! The dates are July 24th through the 27th. (Check in on the 24th,...Read more
  • Become an "Other"

    Become an "Other"

    In the coming weeks I will be launching a unique crowd funding campaign via Pledge Music. http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/dweezilzappa The campaign is as unique as my birth name. In fact the campaign is entirely about...Read more
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    Calling all NEW YORKERS!

    Hi Folks, On October 30th I'll be rolling in to New York City to play at the Beacon Theatre. This is a very special show for us! New York is a very special city for us and for my Dad. We hope that you New Yorkers are in a...Read more
  • It Can Happen Here!

    It Can Happen Here!

      Hello Everyone,It's been far too long since I've checked in with a blog. So much has been happening it's hard to know where to start! I suppose you've noticed that the website has changed. We are working on many new...Read more
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    Hello Everyone,Today was another one of those days WTF kind of...Read more