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Present a podcast for all Van Halen Fans!

Runnin’ with the Dweezil - Featuring Guitar Greats Reflecting on Edward Van Halen’s Unparalleled Legacy

                                                                        (Runnin' With The Dweezil does not claim to be endorsed by Van Halen)

From Van Halen’s infamous backyard concerts to their electrifying 1978 debut and on through the present day, Runnin’ with the Dweezil will cover it all. “Our goal is to provide an entertaining in-depth look at each Van Halen album seen through the eyes of top guitarists. A song-by-song discovery of the nuances in the music that literally changed people’s lives” says, Zappa.

"Production of the episodes began in the summer of 2020 and I was really hoping to share the stories from our guests with Edward,” Zappa says. "Then as now, there continues to be an outpouring of gratitude for all of Edward's contributions to music. It would have been a dream to record an episode with him that would explore his own personal musical journey. His sudden loss has inspired an even deeper connection to his music for me and so many others. We want to honor and celebrate him and that's why we're committing such an enormous amount of time and effort to make this podcast unlike any other.”

Season One - The Early Years
  • 12 exclusive in-depth episodes on the “Big Six” albums that launched Van Halen’s career
  • Steve Vai on Van Halen
  • Paul Gilbert on Van Halen II
  • Blues Saraceno on Women and Children First
  • Nuno Bettencourt on Fair Warning
  • Billy Corgan on Fair Warning
  • Mark Tremonti on Diver Down
  • Jennifer Batten on 1984 
  • Exclusive listening parties with Dweezil himself!
  • And much more!


Season Two - Right Here, Right Now
  • An explosive 10-episode package that focuses on the Sammy Hagar era, Van Halen III, Wolfgang Van Halen's entrance into the band, and David Lee Roth’s return!
  • Joe Satriani on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
  • James Valentine on OU812
  • Mark Lettieri on 5150
  • Andy Wood on Balance
  • The Wildlife soundtrack
  • Producer John Shanks on A Different Kind of Truth
  • Exclusive listening parties with Dweezil! 

ALL-INCLUSIVE - 5150 Bundle
  • Every episode from the Early Years and Right Here, Right Now plus 8 exclusive bonus episodes only available in the 5150 package (Less than $2 per episode.)
  • 1-year subscription to Premier Guitar - (Register for your subscription)
  • Access to every single listening party and Q&A with Dweezil
  • Super exclusive "Reverse Engineering the Brown Sound" episode with guitar tone tutorials
  • Custom VH guitar tone presets for Axe-Fx, Kemper, and Helix designed by Dweezil and other all-star guitarists


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What people are saying about the podcast:
Simon Hosford

Thank you again Dweezil! All these episodes are brilliant, but listening to you and Nuno takes it to another level! It's the same level of sheer passion and excitement in a conversation that I would expect if life on another planet was discovered by two astro leading physicists lol. Amazing brother, thank you. Such a thoughtful, intelligent and eloquent discussion! (and by the way.. I have ALWAYS thought that the "So This Is Love" solo, was actually like a jazz trumpet solo played on guitar, and I thought I was the only person to hear it that way, so it was most interesting to hear you and Nuno talk about the "saxophone-like" phrasing...  amazing). Best, S

Matt O.

Another masterpiece. That Godzilla thing was epic. It's funny how people hear things. We all have these computers(brain) that are tuned to the universe in a unique way. The experiences that you have had with Ed and even these guys like Nuno are really something man. You have had a most interesting and blessed life. So my number two guy besides Ed for overall guitar and song composition is Billy Corgan...These two bands literally changed my life. Ed was in a different universe and made me pick up the instrument. Billy made me want to quit playing because the Pumpkins sounded like the band I wanted to be so why try anymore? Lol.  Looking forward to that one. Peace!

Ted Sikora

Loved episodes 6&7! Runnin' With The Dweezil is my favorite podcast series ever! It's informative, hilarious... surprising. You're creating possibly THE definitive analysis of the greatest rock guitarist of all time. Thank you for all the extras which are well worth the wait. I'm in no hurry for this to end, so another vote for taking your time so we can all savor the flavor.

Michael A.

What I've listened to so far, is pure gold magic. I don't have any musician folk in my life that I can talk about things Edward, and how much he inspired my life as a musician. I feel like I'm sitting in a room with my buds, just rapping about Eddie. Sometimes going "Yeah right!!!???" or "Wow! I never heard that!". Thank you Dweezil, you are making history here. I love you man!!!!!