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Dweezil uploaded the video 1982 Kramer Star Guitar


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It's hard not to wonder about that. I did ask a lot of questions about Edward but as it turns out, not every guitar player knows a lot about Edward Van Halen. I do try to engage with players that have a good awareness but......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the blog post Dweezil should get interviewed by someone about Eddie

That would be fun!......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the song Joe Bonamassa Episode - 21

I have an episode in the works for that album. I'll keep you posted.......Read more

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Hi Joe, I really don't know. Unfortunately, we don't have any tour plans for the near future.......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the song Phil X Episode - 20

Hi Jason, Were you able to download? The file is loaded with the download option intact. Do you have a bundle or have you been buying episodes a la carte? I would love to help solve the problem for you.......Read more

Dweezil posted the episode Joe Bonamassa Episode - 21


Dweezil posted a comment on the song ALL-INCLUSIVE - 5150 Bundle

Hi Ravi, I haven't finished the line 6 presets yet. I'll keep you posted when they are ready.......Read more

duude , hey man , I watched this video interview that Shawn laughing monkey did..& I saw the intro music was by u &Megan are doin alright..I've been watching the Jeff Beck tribute shows from the Royal Albert hall..that just happened over the weekend..I remember when u guys played there in 2006..& Robert Plant went..I went 2 the outside of that building in 2000 December ..when we took a trip 2 England. i.just saw Gretchen menn & zepparella in Atlanta. &.last September she told me about the 1992 zappa guitar player magazine her father did..I got it & had her sign it..I just saw her in Atlanta Georgia..flew there  by myself..1st time flying alone..atlanta airport is crazy..but I survived ..barely...u rock..we later...

the ^pex

H^ppy New Ye^r to you, Mr. Z^pp^!


Your friend, 



Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

Dweezil, Happy New Year for you, and your family, Jesus is with us. 

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

  1. Dweezil, I miss being on here, and yeah I fell behind big time. Health and money issues are not too good at all, So thus I am pretty low on the ladder here. 
    I turned 66 years old yesterday and managed to maintain living off the grid for the last few years since 2008... Now I'm basically choking financially. 
    The poor get poorer as the clocks turn. HEALTH TOO... it is dragging me down slowly but I continue to fight it. Still have a bit of income teaching skiing... Wish I could do more for ya cuz I really dig all you've done! Seen you 5 times now live. Always amazing. Last time where I work as a ski instructor at Jay Peak... That really COLD night! And you were in a T-Shirt the whole time! OMG, no idea how you managed that! Miss You lately!


Have you heard the news ? What news ?

Any chance of an update on all things Zappa. It has been a while.

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