Dinosaur Binge Watch Session

Dinosaur Binge Watch Session

Hey Everyone,

Want to learn about my dad's audio editing/composing trick called Xenochrony? Binge-watch these "Dinosaur" episodes to find out more.

To hear the complete song go here: Dinosaur

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Rob Johnson

Awesome :) 

richi l.

I start playing Guitar and listen to Franks music at the same time in 1978. And it was THIS Guitar sound that amazed me most until today. It is so nice to see and feel with how much heart and love you doing this. thank you

Robert F.

What is going on with the YCFOSA SHOWS?


Hi Robert,

I completed all of the mixes from that tour project several years ago and then the zft blocked the mixes from being released by Nugs. Nugs was/is the platform that generated the concert codes ticket holders are to use to redeem their downloads. Last I heard Nugs was trying to sort it out. I hope that will happen soon.

Because of the prior delays, you may recall that ticket holders received a complete concert download in good faith until their own concert was available on Nugs.


That would be great if I could get the Halloween shows from the Gramercy Theatre that year. I have 2 codes from those shows. Fingers crossed!


Can’t wait for the release of the Canadian Foghorn Show. The Foghorn sat right beside me and brought some hilarity to the show. I’m sure those of us there will never forget the Foghorn .... as a point of interest the Foghorn was from California, go figure! 


As always ... amazing thought provoking stuff. Keeping it real! Thanks DZ