DWEEZIL ZAPPA Making Of "Dinosaur" Episode 1

This is a mini-documentary in 5 episodes about the making of my song "Dinosaur." This is episode 1. Today we learn about the Frank Zappa recording technique called "Xenochrony."

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I think "Rubber Shirt" is my favourite example of that. I thunk.

David McCain

Hey Dweezil. Thanks for these videos ( they are WAY cool!!! ).

A couple of questions: 1.) The solo from Frank's performance. . .were his guitar effects added during his performance in 1977? I presume he used the Dynaflanger for those 77-80 tours.

2.) When you are combining tracks like this, do you add any more boost ( say, for Frank's solo ) before final mixdown? It sounds like you did some crossfades through Frank's solo too. 

3.) Didn't Frank also use xenochrony for the " Freak Out " sessions ( for " The Return of Monster Magnet " )? 

Al W.

Way fucking cool. So amazing to get this window on your Dad's creative process. Ship Arriving Too Late is an example of Xenochrony.

Nedim K.

Oh yes! I love this! I'm an amateur musician and *cough* producer. It's a real fun hobby, and videos and documentaries of how songs or albums were done is one of few things that I choose to give some of my time to and watch. This is really interesting!