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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our new home, Reward Music.

2020 has modified all of our lives significantly, there's no doubt about that. The unexpected changes have been extreme in many cases, leaving all of us to ride out the turbulence with very little to hold onto. For that precise reason, I'm writing to all of you in my community to wish you the best of health, and thank you for all of your support over the years. From today forward, I want to connect with all of you directly, right here on Reward Music, so that we can continue to share stories and keep our musical bond going.


Necessity is the Mother Of Invention and musicians all over the world are struggling to plan their lives and earn a living in a predictable way. With everything in the music touring business upside down, I hope Reward Music will assist in connecting musicians and their fans directly, and in a mutually beneficial way.


This is now the only place to visit for all of my audio and video content!


When you visit MUSIC you will be able to stream or download my entire catalog of solo Dweezil Zappa music as well as the entire catalog of my versions of Frank Zappa music. New material will be added every month! You will notice there are already a lot of new songs, bonus album tracks, and archive tunes, alongside releases that have been out of print for a very long time! (If you are a Silver Subscriber you will find your downloads in the MUSIC area. Every album comes with a free download. You will notice the download prompt.)


When you visit the STORE you will be able to peruse or purchase any clothing, CDs or other goodies. We will have on-demand items available as well! (The store is temporarily down because we ran out of stock on some items. We will be back up when we have full inventory ASAP)


Live stream and pay per view events will also become available in the weeks to come.  You can watch them on your phone or laptop. Be on the lookout for some amazing concert footage from the 2010 apostrophe(') tour that features my dad and George Duke!


I hope you enjoy exploring my new site and I look forward to connecting with all of you more frequently.


Feel free to explore the benefits of the subscription model I have right here: Silver Subscriber


Thank you for your support! Let's hang out in the groups and forums too!


Best, Dweezil








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Congrats and kudos on the launch DZ. I look forward to watching this grow and think the model has lots of value and potential. I started buying your records when My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama came out, though I was a little to young to travel for shows. Did you tour that record, and if so were any shows recorded and filmed?

Sarah Bynum

Hope the shop will be open soon. I like to buy a little something from you and the ZFT every Halloween / unofficial Zappa Day. Best wishes to you and your family for health and happiness.


Hi Sarah,

We are planning to re-open soon. Trying to get some new stock in and some new designs before we launch. Thanks, DZ


Hey great to see things back up and running, it was disappointing when the previous version disappeared. Always glad to be here, looking forward for things to come ... and hell yea Hot Rats tour was going so well, the band were tight, what a sad and abrupt end. So looking forward to the end of all this! 


Great to see that you are now independent and hopefully can do whatever you want, whenever you want...within reason.

Wishing you and the band well for the future and looking forward to seeing you all again when the plague has given up.

Personally I would love some surround sound stuff too, anything will do.


How do I get the downloads that come with the plan

Jason S.

go to the Music tab and select one of the pictures. The downloads are scattered throughout there.


Thanks Jason I got it much appreciated!

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