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    Pete Thorn (1) Episode - 24
    December 7, 2023

RTWD Episode 24 Featuring Pete Thorn!

In this episode I talk with Pete about his favorite EVH guitar tones and we attempt to recreate them live in the studio with a few oddball pieces of gear. Many fun stories are shared alongside some powerhouse guitar sounds.


Darius  R.

Diver Down was my entrance to the VH world, and soon I learned every album (before 1984) and even a whole summer at the shore 12 years old and women children first was like a soundtrack for my adventures and figured out girls and music and life was amazing in a real unique way. I really can't explain, but for myself as a young drummer Diver Down was amazing in every way. 

Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm, both Pete and Dweezil


Great episode Dweezil, Pete's great I always like watching his gear demo's

Buddy Seamus

Canadian kid done good! Pete’s always a welcome presence. So much experience and knowledge to share. Really enjoyed your conversation with him.


New Episode to Enjoy! Lots of Guitar in this one! Part 2 coming next week!