1. Twinkle Tits + Dupree's Paradise


I hope you enjoy this rare mash-up! We played "Twinkle Tits" mixed with "Dupree's Paradise" in Oslo on 11-25-19 with the Norwegian wind Ensemble. Nearly three years to the day it's fully loaded and ready to play.

Andrew B.

Man that mix sounds amazing.  Thanks so much!!!!

David McCain

Happy Thanksgiving ( and happy Black Friday ) to you all. What a pleasant surprise! LOVE the guitar parts ( sounds like the SG for the intro guitar parts as well throughout the performance ). This is better than the turkey from yesterday. And, the uptempo performance of " Dupree's Paradise! " Like gravy for my musical hunger. Lovely. Thanks DZ!


Glad you liked it! It was actually my gold top Les Paul.

the ^pex

Thank you. And, Happy Thanksgiving to you, DWEEZIL Z^PP^!!!!!! 

Rick Cz

Great stuff .  Anyone else want another serving of “Leather Turkey” ?


Happy Franksgiving everyone 

the ^pex

B^ck @ u

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