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    Return Of The Son Of Orange County
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate24
  • Sample Rate48

This version is ripped right out of the Roxy & Elsewhere playbook. I love the melody to this song and the guitar tone that my dad got on the original. I tried to get close to it here.

This version brings a flash of humor with the inclusion of the quote from 2 Tickets to Paradise.


Dweezil Zappa - Lead guitar and vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, flute, brass, keys and vocals

Adam Minkoff - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion and keys

Kurt Morgan - Bass and vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums and vocals

Cian Coey - Lead and background vocals, percussion

Chris Norton - Keyboards and vocals

F.O.H. Mix:

Eran Ben Zur

Steve Thorne

So, is Eddie Money a crook? I'm confused... HA!

Great tone, too!

Matthew J.

you definitely captured that tone DZ!  Thanks for sharing this!

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

It's SO awesome, yet ends abruptly mid stream.... Makes me very sad I can not hear it thru to the conclusion of something so amazing sounding! I tried listening 3 times and it ends at that exact same point all 3 tries. But still, I love hearing what I can! It's fantastic! It just blows me away hearing it! 


If you’re a silver subscriber it will stream all the way or if you’ve purchased the album or song it will stream all the way through.

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Hi Dweezil!
I checked my subscription and it says silver, and active... Could I have possibly been logged out while listening?


That's quite possible. But it's working for you now, correct?

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

It plays perfectly today! And it's just beautiful! Killer sound when good and loud! <3

Gregg K.

Better than Roxy