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    Confessions Of A Deprived Youth
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"Confessions Of A Deprived Youth"

Dweezil Zappa


She's a nasty girl can't you see...she wronged the right
Right out of me...I'm a moral boy from a very small town
This damn girl spun my head right around
Ooh but I liked it I'm scared to admit
What will momma say about what we did
Jeepers creepers...holy whoops...I'm not allowed to say it
But I almost slipped

What would daddy say if he knew?
"My god son what's gotten into you?"
"Momma's little angel Daddy's little saint"
"What you have done is illegal in most states"

Ooh daddy can't you see she wronged the right out of me
I tried real hard to stay away ...but it got harder when she wanted to play

What would my preacher do if he found out?
It's his daughter and the word is leaking out
She's so hot she's pure sex all the headlines
Will be Rated X

Confessions of a deprived youth
Confessions of a deprived youth
Confessions of a deprived youth
Confessions... (Solo)

She's a nasty girl...kinda like your sister
She wronged the right..."dude me and Irwin are gonna slam"
I'm a moral boy..."Yeah right"

What would my friends say if they found out
They'd probably say "Yeah right get the hell out"
They'd probably be jealous this I know
They all dream about being Rob Lowe