• Masterclass Kalamazoo

    Masterclass Kalamazoo

    Dweezil, Tickets for your masterclass go on sale for Kalamazoo, MI this week (June 2, 2014).  I attended the class when you played at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI.  I'm thinking about attending this one as well. ...Read more
  • Dweezil

    TV or Not TV

    Hi Folks, Any TV fans out there? Unfortunately,  I rarely have much time for TV these days but I do like to watch it when I can. One of my favorite shows is "House Of Lies." I also like "Homeland." Apparently I only watch...Read more
  • pist

    Master Class PDF

    Your masterclass in Anaheim was awesome. But I haven't received the PDFs for the class and no response to my questions on what I need to do to receive them.  I'll be more than happy to send a copy of my ticket to verify my...Read more
  • Travis F.

    BeBop Tango, Alexandria, VA

    Hi, Dweezil.  Thanks again so much for letting me get onstage for the BeBop Tango dance sequence at the Birchmere the other night.  I've dreamed for 20 years of buffooning ontage with Zappa, and now I have.  If you ever want...Read more
  • Jeff M.

    ZPZ Westbury 3/1

    This was the 11th time that i've seen Dweezil and the band is better than ever!  The new drummer is the best one yet too.  He finally played something from Joe's Garage (watermelon).  It is mind boggling that he's avoided the...Read more
  • Charlie M.

    Show at the Birchmere

    Dweezil,   Not sure this is the correct venue for this request..You were kind enough to provide a photographers pass to me last February when you played at The National in Richmond, Va. I was hoping you might extend the...Read more
  • Ann Arbor Class and Concert 2-19-14

    Ann Arbor Class and Concert 2-19-14

    Ann Arbor Michigan Concert and Dweezilla class 2/19/14

    ...Read more
  • Dweezil

    New Site

  • Gary

    2014 Grammy Society Freak Out

    Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk Grammy's Performance YOUTUBE LINK> 2014 Grammy Society Freak Out

    While Daft Punk has once again raised the bar, I raise my cup in remembering that Frank Zappa had long ago pioneered studio efforts around the concept of a Freak Out movement. And But Also, Frank had an interest in observing disco behavior.

    While the Freak Out movement of LA 2014 is quite different than it had been back in LA during the recording of Freak Out, an open mind can ponder a Monster Magnet in the control booth.

    I'm not quite sure if Nile Rogers will ever put the midas touch on some of Frank's works, but Anyway The Wind Blows, I expect Frank is getting his MOFO on, all in good spirit while having a good dance and laugh with the modern freaks of the LA Grammy society.


    ...Read more
  • GMBG

    Thanks DZ - An International Collaboration!

    Evidence of the incredible nature of the power of adoration for FZ's music and DZ's entrepreneurial spirit to share that music and comeradery.  Various miscretins from all over have found themselves bound together as friends...Read more