• Dweezil

    Roxy And Elsewhere Tour 2013

                                              Zappa Plays Zappa, the Grammy(R) winning group that has made and recreated history performing the music of Frank Zappa, is set to embark on an epic musical trek across the US, Canada...Read more
  • Dweezil

    DWEEZILLA 2013

    Hello Everyone, Here's the information for DWEEZILLA 2013. Since I decided to make the curriculum a guitar only course this year I thought it should be as comprehensive as possible.   The Dweezilla Music Boot Camp along...Read more
  • Dweezil


      Hello Everyone, Just thought you might like to know that we have a special presentation planned for the fall. More details soon!   DZ...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Upcoming Tour

    Hello Everyone, I am looking forward to yet another adventure on the road. Fresh off the heels of our year ending winter tour, our "Rocking Teenage Combo" has added a few surprises to the setlist. Never afraid of a challenge...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Happy New Year

    Hello Everyone, Just a brief note to say Happy New Year to all of you. 2012 was an interesting year. In the big picture, universally it was quite challenging. Many people/families faced far bigger challenges than me so I try...Read more
  • Dweezil

    On The Road Again

    Hi Everyone, In case you're interested I thought I would write a brief note to describe some of the circumstances of life on the road. After returning from Europe I'm a little turned around time-wise and haven't been getting...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Europe/Wrap UP

    Hi Everyone, First of all thanks to all of the fans who came to the shows in the UK and Europe. On so many levels it's a challenge to keep this project moving forward but it could not exist without support from the fans of...Read more
  • jerseyschwartz

    Universal Neighbor

    Universal neighbor sounds hopeful for there's rainwater in empty jars.  We just don't know when, the stubborn blackouts' to last past a week. Of  the everyday rebuilding there are others planning to do the same. Of  the...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello Everyone, Thanksgiving is here and for most of the last 6 years I have been on tour for Thanksgiving. I have fortunately avoided the overstuffing tryptophan induced coma that "Turkey Day" is inextricably paired with...Read more
  • Gary

    DZPZ - To Infinity And Beyond

    One never knows when there is a moment in the show that allows for deviation from the norm. I had received a nice report on some of the unique moments of recent UK Tour Dates. (Why Thank You Sir Richard Drakes). Not that there is anything wrong with the unique rythm section that appeared on DZPZs West Coast 2012 Tour. (Yes, lets not forget to mention those N'Lightening Snapshots captured on Dweezil Zappa F.O.H. III Out Of Obscurity.) In regards to the up to date moments, where the band is presently out there on the road.  You know, the one that does not mind getting into a tour bus(Yes they too have an amazing new rythm section. Kurt Morgan, Thank You Too Very Much )  Well they too have been adding not only their own unique rhythmic N'Lightenment and but also some unique musical passages that come from the folklore of living on the road. This may not be the place to divulge the regalia of it all but what is clear is the nature of which this band not only learns the orchestration of the composers works and but also can bring their own life to the concert hall. To be Continued......

    ...Read more