Dweezil Kn'Evil - Premeires shortly

Dweezil Kn'Evil - Premeires shortly

Hello Everyone,

First I want to thank everyone for supporting this album. It's a complete live concert and contains some rough edges but I view that as a badge of honor. This music is hard and walking that tight rope every night puts musicians in the rare position to focus on staying present.

You will definitely hear us make some mistakes in the show. There's a really good one in "Flakes!" You'll know it when you hear it. It's actually funny to watch Kurt's face while it's happening. Mistakes aren't always coming form the band, there's even a moment after "Sleeping In A Jar" where the delay send from the F.O.H. mix froze in the PA, leaving some drum echoes oozing from the speakers. It sounded very confusing and was not meant to happen, but it's LIVE!

In any case, I feel like the loosey goosey moments are engaging and this record has a few highlights from the band. It was early in the "Choice Cuts" tour and we hadn't played through the whole show too many times.

The show features a one-time-only experiment. During "The Black Page," I decided to see if Adam Minkoff and Ryan Brown could have a conversation while speaking exclusively in the rhythms of "The Black Page #2." It was pretty funny and never happened at any other show.

For those of you who bought the bundle, you'll be able to see the video. Speaking of which, the video is Lo-Res but the audio is Hi-Res. The edit is a live line cut for closed-circuit TV inside the venue and appears as it did the night of the show. (It may have some oddball moments of synchronization but we are just rollin' with it.)

The record is now finished and uploading. With 32 files it will take a bit of time before it goes live on the site.

** In the coming days I may end up with an even better sounding master (my studio is still coming together). If I can improve the sound, even more, I will!

Thanks, Everyone! Enjoy the record.

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What a band. Speechless.


Thanks John.

Rolando R.

Hello Mr Zappa: I preordered Knevil bundle on June 6th and it hasn’t come through yet. Should I see something soon? All the best, Rolando


Hi Rolando,

The files are currently uploading. I expect them to begin populating soon. Thanks for your support!!!