1. 25
    Pete Thorn (2) Episode - 25
    December 17, 2023

RTWD Episode 25 Featuring Pete Thorn!

In part 2 with Pete Thorn, we talk more about his favorite EVH guitar tones, licks and playing nuances. Pete has a funny reaction when he learns he's been playing a famous VH song wrong for years!


Stephen O.

Loved this episode!  I love all of them actually. I think Pete was correct on the Beautiful Girls intro because the riff ends on fifths, not a thirds.  It's so interesting to see how different people hear the same thing differently.  For example, in that same riff, on that first D3 where the D drops to B, I think Edward played the D note on the A string 5th fret and the F# on D string 4th fret and then used his left-hand pinky to hammer the B note on the E string 7th fret, without picking the B5.  There is zero picking sound for that B5 when that D drops to B, and I hear that F# as a whole note instead of a sixteenth. To me, Edward's sounds like 'blennip'. With picking it sounds more like 'blenblip' for lack of a better way to describe it, lol! 


Another great episode really enjoyed that.