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    Craig Parker Adams Episode - 19
    November 15, 2022


On this episode, Craig Parker Adams discusses how Edward Van Halen's music lead him to make very specific choices in his life. He shares some of his own music from his new album "Vistahle Buel" and we discuss the EVH film score for the "The Wild Life."

Also included are short snippets of rare EVH musical moments from "The Wildlife" soundtrack sessions.

Stephen O.

Thanks Craig, for sharing your amazing story and your music!  I’m curious if like me and perhaps other devoted students/protégés of EVH, have you ever found yourself very disappointed in particular eras where Edward’s tone changed or his playing went into a different direction from the early days? I can remember feeling bummed hearing  Ed’s new tone with VH3 and later but it has grown on me somewhat and i do appreciate it now.

I enjoyed this episode because I can very much relate to your process for your musical purpose discovery although my story and purpose are much different. Loved hearing your music too and am going to get your album.