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Discover a unique piece of music that we only ever played 2 times live on stage!

It's a Mash-Up of a rare "200 Motels" interlude that morphs into a groovy section of "Bogus Pomp," ending with a snippet of "Rooftops" from the Untouchables movie score by Ennio Morricone.

This version was performed live on stage in Oslo Norway in 2019 with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble as our guests.


william l.

Very lucky to enjoy this limited edition live. I hope it shows up at five nights at freddy's 4

Dan H.

This is great. Looking for the ‘More Like This’ button. 

Eric C.

Amazing! Dweezil that was one of the juciest live performances I’ve ever heard. 

Thomas S.

It was also played in Gothenburg, the day before Oslo ;)

Bostjan K.

Very cool!

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