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San Ber'Dino (LIVE) 2008

Peter M.

OK. It’s me. I’m back. 

It says I am subscribed but my only option is a free “Flakes” download and $2.00 for the remaining three songs.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Peter,

Hmm, as a Silver Subscriber you should be able to stream all of the music on the site. Plus you get at least one free track from every album. I will have Andrea in tech support help you further. We will get you sorted out. Best, DZ

Peter M.

Have always loved this song and your fantastic renditions. Where’s the ending?


Hi Peter,

The songs can stream in various ways on the site. In demo mode the songs does not play full length. If you have purchased and downloaded the song it should play the entire file. Same for the Silver Subscription - it should stream the entire file. You would also need to be logged in for the Silver Subscription stream. If you are having trouble please let me know.

Peter M.

Thank you so much for the quick reply.

I’ll do some settings setting and see where it gets me.

A happy subscriber and sometime dork in all things technical.

Steve Thorne

Love me some San Ber'dino. What a great tune.