1. 1
    Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt (Cup Of Joe)
    • FormatWAV
    • Bit Rate48

    Live performance from 2008.

    Mixed and Mastered by Dweezil Zappa

  2. 2
    Outside Now (Cup Of Joe)
    • FormatWAV
    • Bit Rate48
    • Sample Rate24

    Live performance from 2008. (Ray White Vocal)

    Mixed and Mastered by Dweezil Zappa

  3. 3
    Packard Goose (Cup Of Joe)
    • FormatWAV
    • Bit Rate48
    • Sample Rate24

    Live performance from 2008.

    Mixed from Multi-Track and Mastered by Dweezil Zappa

  4. 4
    Joe's Garage (Cup Of Joe)
    • FormatWAV
    • Bit Rate48
    • Sample Rate24

    Live performance from 2019.

    F.O.H. MIx by Eran Ben Zur. Mastered by Dweezil Zappa


Select songs from the "Joe's Garage" album performed live on stage. Mixed and mastered from multi-track audio as well as F.O.H. stereo. Hi-resolution 48k - 24bit files. 1 song is FREE for all Silver Subscribers!

1. Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt

2. Outside Now (Ray White on Vocals)


4. Joe's Garage

This is the first in a series of MiNI-CONCERTS!

Eric L.

Great sound!  


Glad you're enjoying it.

Jake  H.

I’ve long been a fan of Zappa and the Mothers which wasn’t a popular choice of music among my friends and age group....initially that is. It was either when we reached our late teen years or when we discovered psychedelics (these two things occurred at the same time) suddenly my taste in music became more popular with my friends. beyond a decade later a friend of mine gives me a present, a ticket for Zappa Plays Zappa concert in Iowa city and I was thrilled and expected a good time. Instead what I got was a great time and my mind utterly blown. I’ve seen too many live concerts to count and plenty of phenomenal and legendary artists at that , the show I saw that night was among the best I’ve ever attended. Easily in my top 10 but more likely top 5. I’d planned on catching Dweezil and his band the next time they came around but then covid happened and blah blah blah. 
clearly Frank Zappa was an amazing guitar player and was very creative. Truly one of a kind. That said, In my opinion based on that show in Iowa city and the other live material Of Dweezil playing his dads tunes that ive heard hundreds of times , Dweezil might even be a better guitar player technically speaking. Either way   Dweezil certainly  does his dads music justice and what better way to honor thy  father than by reproducing his art in such a badass manner. I’ll be in attendance for every show that’s not more than a few hours drive away for me and I can’t suggest it strongly enough to anyone who appreciates Zappa’s music. I’m very grateful for the chance to see much of the stuff created in the  60’s and 70’s in a live show by a cast that’s on par with the talents of the original people.  Sincerely , thank you ! 


Hi Jake,

Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to be able to play again. I don't have any concrete plans yet but I will definitely announce any touring plans here on my website.

David McCain

Love this! Ray really came close to Ike Willis style of singing. I saw ZPZ in 2007 at Sacramento with Ray at the helm. I remember hearing quite a few of " Joe's Garage " songs at that show and once the show was finished, I knew I was hooked for life.




And yes, " Music is the best. "  


Love it. It's a way of life.

Thank you

Dimitri Laskas

this is so cool, keep them coming Dweezil

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