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    Willie The Pimp (LIVE)
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Willie The Pimp -  LIVE

Birmingham, UK 12/11/19

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar

Scheila Gonzalez - Keys and Ratchet

Adam Minkoff - Lead Vocal and Piano

Kurt Morgan - Bass

Ryan Brown - Drums

Chris Norton - Keys

Haakon K.

Great version! I dig the epic guitar line at 5:05

Chip P.

Man, that sure was FUN! I've seen you a few times. My favorite was 2, Coach House and Canyon Club.

I'm so starving for live shows. Miss your dad so much. You do an honor in keeping his work alive. Your talent and skill is astounding! Proof that that apple didn't fall far from that tree!

Be safe man!

Looking forward to open doors again!

Gary B.

I am so looking forward to the time when you can go on the road again. All the best and stay safe. 


Thanks guys! I'm working on putting together a few live album projects and planning some new music as well. Not sure when we can tour again.

Gary B.

Me too! Great sound. Takes me right back to the last show in Manchester. Can't wait for the next time. Keep the music coming in the meantime. Keeps the spirits up. 

Brian C.

Hi Gary. I missed the last show in Manchester (I live in Southport) but me and some significant friends saw Dweezil at The Lowry a couple of years ago. Outstanding gig. Peace bro.

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