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    The GWEECH!
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This is deep from the archives. This may be the only recording that exists of this song. I had a cat that I named 'The GWEECH!'and this song was inspired by that cat.  It's an instrumental and it was performed at the Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica CA, 10-18-95.

It's crazy that I'm posting it nearly 25 YEARS to the day it was performed. It's from a bootleg tape of the show so the audio is not that good. I tweaked it as best as I could to make it sound better for you.

I was playing a gold sparkle Iceman guitar. You will hear a touch of Edward Van Halen influence on this track. By a touch - I mean an insane amount!

David McCain

Great track! It's interesting that, since the pandemic has stopped most/all live music concerts, I find myself checking out boots for live concert experiences. This sounds pretty good! 


Here's the gold Iceman !!!




Thats a cool tune can hear the Evh influence, nice to know its the Iceman too.