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    America Drinks And Goes Home
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Live Front Of House Mixes

"America Drinks & Goes Home"

This is a special request... hope you enjoy it!

I tried to find
How my heart
Could be so blind, dear
How could I be fooled
Just like the rest
You came on strong
With your fast car
And your class ring
Soft voice and your sad eyes
I fell for the whole thing
I don't regret
Having met
Up with a girl who
Breaks hearts like they were
Nothing at all
I've done it too
Now I know
Just what it feels like
And just like I said
There's no regrets

Thank you so much Washington DC. It's about time to close... and it sure has been a great time. Don't forget Sunday night is jam session night... MANDY TENSION will be by, playing his xylophone troupe. Don't wanna miss that! That's right. Well, Monday night is dance contest night: TWIST CONTEST... we'll be giving away - peanut butter & jelly & baloney sandwiches for all you. Delicious! Well, I hope we've played all your requests... the songs you like to hear... LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL folks, Drink it up. Wonderful. Hey, nice to see you, how's Sol...excellent. He's gonna have fun with the Wiggles. Just make sure they stay 5 feet away from him at all times. That's what I'm talking about. Alright, well... hey Trixie... Miss Sanchez, why don't you come on over here and sing the rest of this song, if you're not too busy being a total whore? 
Trixie Sanchez : You want me to come right over here? LA LA LA LA LAH-H-H-H!
DOWN AT THE POMPADOUR A-GO-GO... well you said.
Total whore...
Trixie Sanchez : Well, SHOOBEE OOH-DEE DEE
Nite all.