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    Pain Of Love
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Life can be so lonely when you've got no one to trust
Feeling so empty baby it feels like it's too much
Here comes that sinking feeling
And it turns my heart to dust
Now that it's over...maybe I didn't mean that much to you

I could only imagine what could have been
I could only pretend that it was meant to be
How can I tell when it's over? 'Cause when I close my eyes
You're all I see...

Can't you feel the pain of love walking out the door
Every step you take it hurts a little more
Can't you feel the pain of love tearin' me apart
I can only take so much...you're breaking my heart

What can you tell me now that I don't already know?
You made it really clear and you let your true feelings show
Both of us made mistakes and that is plain to see
Looks like it's over...now you're leaving me- yeah!



I know that we became very different but doesn't mean
I don't feel the same about you
I can't bear the thought of you with someone else
I want you with me I want you all to myself