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  • Bit Rate16
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Featured Guest Guitarists:

Zakk Wylde

Warren DeMartini

I tracked her down with a clever scheme
We fell in love just like a dream (again)
That's what it seemed (just like a dream)
I thought I found Ms. Right
Never again would I spend a lonely night
Everything had connected
At last my heart felt protected

But it turned into rejection
(But it turned into rejection)
She's like a lethal injection
(She's like a lethal injection)

She hurt me...I used to feel her kiss
It's over...now I'm helpless
She broke me...now I can't be fixed
It's over...now I'm helpless

I'm relying on time to ease the pain
Stop me from going insane
I'm relying on time to see me through
I want to forget about you
I'm relying on time to ease the pain
I can't wait to feel again...