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    Bad Girl
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate16
  • Sample Rate44.1

She's like black ice
She sparkles but she's crude
She's like dynamite
With a short fuse

She ain't one of a kind
She ain't even two
There's a lot of girls like her
But this one's after you
(This one's after you)

She's got her sights set on you
She's not the farmer's daughter
She knows just what to do
Her first name is trouble
Her last name is sin
That means the damage is done
And it's impossible to win

She's a bad girl it's plain to see
She's a bad bad girl
And she's proved it to me
She's a bad girl it's written
On her face she's a bad bad girl
And she'll do it anyplace
Oh yeah

She's like a cat on a hot tin roof
Her love's like alcohol it's 100 Proof
She'll lead you to temptation
Without hesitation
One night with her and you'll
Need resuscitation
(You'll need resuscitation)


Vegetable, (Call Any?)

I love the songs I'm listening to from "Confessions"! Some of the guitar riffs are really cool! 
I din't see it anywhere yet so I'm really curious what year this was and how many albums did you release in  your younger than "Zappa Plays Zappa" years?
It's REALLY fun hearing archives and this older music that's "All Dweezil"! Been trying to hear a bit more each day but survival here off the grid by myself means work... Lots of it!
SO very cool to listen.  Especially on a good sound system! Raw and right on!