Dweezil Zappa - Silver Plan

Dweezil Zappa - Silver Plan

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Welcome! Thank you for considering a direct subscription.  Music is very important in my life.  With the recent worldwide changes, musicians are among those whose livelihoods have been affected the most, myself included. ...
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Chris Harbeck

I clicked on this option, but I do not see any content. Please advise if this content will be available again at some point. 

the apex

I was there @the Seattle show. I'm in the DVD/video too. What a great, unforgettable night, and performance. I've seen you again, so many times since. Thank you, ZPZ!

Nedim K.

I hope this gets uploaded in the coming couple of months. 



I have the 5 Disc Edition of that show. Treasure.


Hi Guys,

The audio for that album needs to be re-uploaded. I will work on that soon. Sorry!

Shawn / Laughingmonkeymusic

Thank you!

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