Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

With the holidays upon us, I wanted to reach out and thank all of you for your support and for being members of my community. I hope you will all be able to enjoy time with your families in whichever way you are able and send 2020 kicking and screaming into the past.

In a year that has created challenges for so many, I have tried to make the best of it and I'm sure you all have too. I've been working hard with very few days off since The Hot Rats tour ended in March. I realized that today would've been my dad's 80th birthday. That's hard to believe. Of course, I wish he was here to share more music with us and his wisdom.

(Frank Zappa Studio 2 Sunset Sound during Hot Rats recording 1969 - Dweezil Zappa Studio 2 Sunset Sound 2020)

I'm feeling contemplative about that as well as the adjustments to life without live music. I'm looking forward to making new recordings as well as mixing recordings of past performances that showcase the 14 years of solid touring that was rudely interrupted by Covid 19.

The Runnin' With The Dweezil podcast has also been a way to stay in a creative zone and I am grateful for the positive feedback I've received from so many of you. I'm going to start sharing some of your quotes on the main page of RWTD.  I am really excited about the Fair Warning episodes that are coming up with Nuno Bettencourt and a follow-up Fair Warning episode with Billy Corgan!

As some of you may know, it's my all-time favorite Van Halen album and I could probably do 10 episodes on that topic. I would love to talk with Donn Landee and Ted Templeman about it. That's my Christmas wish and I'm putting it out there now, do you hear me Santa?

Just an FYI, I have been working really hard to keep the RWTD podcast on schedule but my laptop has recently thrown in the towel and begged for mercy. (Translation - not bueno) My progress has been halted this week due to an internal hard drive issue which I'm attempting to rectify. At the moment I don't have an exact ETA on when I'll be able to continue my work. Unfortunately, that means Thursday's episode will be delayed to some extent. I will do my very best to get deliver it to all of you as soon as possible. I really appreciate your understanding and I apologize in advance for any delay. I'll keep you all updated on the ETA for the episode.

In the meantime, if you're interested in learning a bit more about my connection to Fair Warning and also to my dad and the Hot Rats album, please feel free to check out the links to the interview series from Sunset Sound Recorders below.

Here's to a brighter 2021! Best, DZ

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Monica B.

Wow, that's cool


May I just say to all my Zappa friends/fiends and other people - Thank you for your entertainment, music, pics, info and friendship. May you have a covid free New Year. The best of health to you and yours. #CarryOn

Jeff 5150

Thanks much for all the effort you and your crew put into your web page. I've revisited a lot of your music and your dad's.Also thx for the amazing content in the Running With The Dweezil podcast series. It's simply the most loving and insightful  tribute to Edward I could ask for. Your lknowledge, love and admiration for Eddie is so beautiful. Fans like me of VH are grateful to have these 30 or so episodes to look forward to. To ease the loss of EVH and to allow our minds to briefy forget about this shittling 2020 Covid year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. -Jeff


Thanks for the update DZ, and health and happiness to you and your loved ones this holiday season. I watched the recent Sunset Sound interviews last night. Excited to see how they use the Reward platform. I'm hopeful that in the future we'll be able to have some live sessions on your Reward site where us fans can ask some of the questions that typical interviews with you don't cover and dive deeper. Best wishes to you for 2021, the future success of Reward, and hopefully you getting out on the road and moving those air molecules for us in the same room.


Thanks! Yes, the plan is to be able to do live broadcasts with my band and with other guest musicians, do live listening parties for the podcast, live guitar lessons and all sorts of other fun things. I will definitely keep you updated on those types of things!

Anthony J.

I'm new to the platform but a longtime fan!! I appreciate all the work you do Dweezil!! The podcast is truly incredible and I can't think of anyone better to have done it than you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 


Thanks Anthony! Welcome to the community. Happy holidays to you as well!

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