Dweezil Zappa - Sunset Sound EP 1

Drew Dempsey hosts a Van Halen Round Table conversation from Sunset Sound Recorders - Dweezil Zappa EP 1

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Rich O.

Just watching this and googled when MTV first broadcasted and it was forty years today on August 1st 1981.

Kim S.

Thanks so much for posting the VH Round Table interview - sooo interesting to hear how he and other guitarists influenced you - lovely little insights into that time in your life - have a great Christmas and keep well

Don F.

Its so cool to ne able to listen to interviews by my favorite musician . Learn new things about dweezil and his coolest dad. I can look through my collection of music and  i am the biggest critic ever. My hands seem to go to the z's and i seem to always go to mr. Zappa. I love music but i love the zappas music more.


Thanks for your support Don! Happy Holidays!

David D

I know time flies...the next year was hammersmith Odeon and I could actually play descent tennis back then...oh well 

David D

I’ve just listened to about fifteen minutes so far... look forward to hearing the rest...but I have to give you a little bit of a hard time for not remembering Frank’s live mtv concert in 81


Oh yeah, that's right! Well, I was 11 after all. It's a bit of a blur considering I worked there when I was 17.