1982 Kramer Star Guitar

In 1982 Edward Van Halen gave me a Kramer Star Guitar. I used it to record “My Mother Is A Space Cadet” and it was also the guitar I used when I first played on stage with my dad at the London Hammersmith Odeon.

I pulled it out of the case for the first time in years and tried to play “Eruption” on it.

David McCain

Beautiful. Video went viral. Hope all is well. 

Cliff M.

Awesome! Great gift, what kind of neck is on there now? P.S. never let it go!

Jentry J.

That is phenomenal. What a killer guitar from EVH. Love the story of your dad bringing him over to your house when you were starting to play guitar. 

Steven Volpp


Buddy Seamus

So glad to see you kept it Dweezil! What a special guitar.