1982 Kramer Star Guitar

In 1982 Edward Van Halen gave me a Kramer Star Guitar. I used it to record “My Mother Is A Space Cadet” and it was also the guitar I used when I first played on stage with my dad at the London Hammersmith Odeon.

I pulled it out of the case for the first time in years and tried to play “Eruption” on it.

bert b.

As a guitarist, I can state that Dweezil is a top guitar player. He has an incredible "strong" sound and an expressive articulation.

clots p.

That was freakin’ awesome brother.

Rob G.


the ^pex

What a nice memory and gift to cherish. BTW. I think, that you could probably play Eruption in your sleep. Sounds great. 

Steve M.


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