Dweezil Plays RWTD Fractal Presets

I made a quick video demonstration of a few RWTD Fractal Audio Axe FX III presets. The audio is just from my i-Phone. I will be making some other videos that feature the audio recorded directly into my DAW so everyone can hear the full spectrum of nuances.

Allen G.

Wow…I like that the focus is on the overall “produced” sound in totality. I’m looking forward to a more controlled recording to get a better idea of the sound in the room, but I can already get a good grasp of the delays and chamber sound. Very nice! The segment of your licks was great fun…you were utilizing that mixed bag of articulations that make Edward’s licks so textured and fun there as well!

Emil G.



Good to hear you playing guitar!

Cliff M.

Too Cool! Will these presets work on a fm3 as well?


The Eruption preset will work on the FM3 right now. I will try to get others to translate as well but there are limitations that make the presets sound pretty different.

Joe S.

These are awesome! I can't wait for some FUCK/Balance tones, or, well, really any and all from any era.  Ed's playing and tone on VH3 and the last album is awesome too. 


I'm going to work on some tones from other eras too. I'm particularly excited to recreate tones from Fair Warning.

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