In this episode I discuss the details of the songs on the Via Zammata album as well as the origin of the title. There is plenty of additional backstory as well as plenty of new untold stories.

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Matt Picone

It's funny how as I get older, fewer and fewer albums seem to make it into the realm of "favorites" to achieve that special place. I'm a huge fan of exploring NEW music, and the world is filled with amazing "first listens," but my cadre of rotating favorites seems to grow very slowly. That said, "Via Zammata" elevated itself into that magical inner circle, and not just based on the emotions of my admiration and friendship with many of the people who performed on the album. Now, having the audio documentary to go with it deepens my appreciation and I wanted to say THANK YOU!


PS: I am also adding the note that V.Z. was the album that came instantly to mind when my wife asked me what she should play for her classroom of 7th/8th graders to "entertain, interest, and inform." 


hey, good interview AGAIN, I own the via zammata cd, I just listened 2 Dragon Master . FUCKING MASTERPICE !!! really good . Dweezil , I gave u a setlist from the confessions tour that had this song on u were playing it way back in , it was Cindy z's setlist..I didnt know Shawn( singer) is a cousin of Dio, I only recently found out that Ansley Dunbar was married to Wendy Dio...Drag Dragon Dragon Mas Dragon MASTER (FZ LYRIC) oh also Shawn r I listened 2 your Mike Keneally interview & Steph lez zeppelin interviews..also good

Shawn / Laughingmonkeymusic

thanks glad you enjoyed them!

David McCain

Thank you for the shout out, Dweezil. Deeply touched by your words!! And, thank you for taking my question.

Emerick's work with the Beatles is immaculate ( I STRONGLY recommend his autobiography, if you haven't read it yet ). 

When " Via Zammata " first came out, I was unsure what to think about it, being so immersed in the more-guitar instrumental mentality, at that time. It's a great album but it took me a while to get into it. However, over time, with repeated listens, I realized that there is A LOT of depth to this album. It's been on a repeat listen for the last few weeks, funny enough ( " Rat Race " " Dragon Master " and " Truth " are my favorites ). To this day, whenever I get stuck in traffic, I bring my car windows down, and crank up " Malkovich, " which results in many confused looks from my traffic entangled audience surrounding me, as we await the traffic light to turn green ( haha )! A few of my hard core metal friends LOVE " Dragon Master. " There is a lot of great variety on this album. 

Lastly, it was great knowing that Jimmy Herring has such an impact on your playing, Dweezil ( especially for " Funky 15 " ). My all time favorite album of Jimmy's is " Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit. " I wish Jimmy got more recognition for his work. Just a tremendous musician. 

Great show!