AUDIO DOC EP 2 "Havin' A Bad Day"

Audio Documentary - EP 2 - Havin' A Bad Day

Premieres Monday 3-14-22 at 5pm PST

Learn about how I worked in the studio with my dad, how the songs were recorded, and what gear was used for my debut album.


always interesting, entertaining & informative. More more more!!


Another great episode. I remember  buying this album at Sam Goody.  


 another good one, I have patti's vynal of havin a bad day, next 2 my Iron Maiden imports, cool , hi 2 Megan & Rollo, & Shawn is doin a good job interviewing.& I watched the lets talk about it video..


Shawn / Laughingmonkeymusic


Buddy Seamus

That was fantastic and you are a great raconteur. So many great stories. Just trying to picture Allan Holdsworth playing on that Dirty Dancing song brightened my day. You could write a book. 

Buddy Seamus

And Shawn you are doing such a great job. Excellent questions too.


Wonderful to hear all this. 

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