AUDIO DOC EP 2 "Havin' A Bad Day"

Audio Documentary - EP 2 - Havin' A Bad Day

Premieres Monday 3-14-22 at 5pm PST

Learn about how I worked in the studio with my dad, how the songs were recorded, and what gear was used for my debut album.

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As always, very interesting thanks. When I bought the album as an American import I noticed it said sans Frank, but that intrigued me more and I loved the raw quality of the album. I don't think the cd version or later album versions has that note, but could be wrong?

I have the "rusty fingers" that you mentioned. Around 280 years ago, during my mechanical engineering apprenticeship, all the steel objects that I made looked great until the next day when rusty fingerprints would appear. What's odd is I don't have sweaty palms or fingers, so a bit of a mystery that maybe we'll never know the answer to.

Emil G.

"Confessions"...,such a Musical Joy ...

Emil G.

Pure Inspiration...

David M.

I still have this album on vinyl that I bought new at 15?!?

Belated observations. I had that same ibanez 4 effect rack thingy. I was naming off the effects in harmony. I forgot all about that unit. At the time I felt like it loomed large in my legend, then likely I saw something shiny... Also, Frank always caused me to perform some harshly critical self-assessments. and I remember realizing that indeed, I, as in me, I come from nowhere. I always smile. The horror...  I really appreciated the story of his laughter. thanks so much guys.

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