Dweezil Talks About RWTD Podcast

Shawn Ratches interviewed me about Runnin' With The Dweezil. We have had a series of other discussions about my own music that will soon be featured on my site.

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hey man, good interview ! I've  seen some of your runnin' with the Dweezil interviews, they're always good ! hope you, Megan & Rollo are doin alright, cool room in the background, cool chaunga's revenge photo in the background & the light looks like the star that superman was placed in when they sent him 2 earth...I haven't seen that since the late 70's but its in my memory...I wrote carol zeuli (Cindy's mom) today just 2 say hi , because I drove past Springfield mass, on my way 2 Connecticut 2 see the harp twins play live at the Connecticut fair..happy birthday 2 moon a week late...Eddie Van Halen ..its been a year already..? where did the time go? see ya when things get back 2 normal..GREG & PATTI..

David McCain

Great interview Dweezil! 

James H.


I'm going to add a lot of details and possibly ramble here but these are facts and I'm really touched on your story and relationship with Eddie! I'm really happy with this purchase. I love VAN HALEN, I bleed VAN HALEN. I so needed this! More importantly though, I really think Ed would be impressed and very proud of you, that is something you must here! Like I said before in my first post on OU812. I used to say when Edward leaves this world, the one guy that I just know will give him major respect will be Dweezil Zappa. I watched you come to tears  years ago when doing ERUPTION and explaining the phone call he made to you on FRANK. Ironically I know this PODCAST was planned before his departure with the hope of him being presented these details and his perspective. It's just so freaking awesome, the the details on the music and the stories. I look forward to this as I'm recovering from a horrible accident on August 6th 2020. I was born in 78, but my oldest brother was born in 63, then the next 69, then the last 70. So VH was in our household. I swear I was working the record player at 4 years old. The BEATLES, STONES, ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, ACDC, and my uncles loved FRANK ZAPPA. My favorite is Apostrophe. Back to VH,  I loved the WB label and associated it with LOONEY TUNES as a 3-4 year-old. I found a guitar in the trash in the 80s and AIR GUITAR GLORE! Started really playing in the early 90s.  In the late 90s I lost my father due to cancer and I have never gotten over it. I just deal with it. My father  had a WIT and he could just see through people's BULLSHIT.  A day before the news was announced on Ed, I was showing a contractor ( A DRUMMER ) who was updating my bathroom the US FESTIVAL solo and the SOMEBODY GET ME A DOCTOR breakdown with the DRUMS/GUITAR duel and I'M SO GLAD. The very next day the news was announced on Ed, October 6th was exactly two months after my car accident which I was pronounced dead on the scene. Losing this man that I never knew hurt so bad. I never have lost someone who I didn't know that has such a impact on me! I'm not over it and I will never be. He is my hero. I wish I could have met him and told him THANK YOU! 

EDDIE VAN HALEN started a school and nobody fucking graduated from it!

I have seen VH 7 times LIVE. 

I really think you should expand and do some details on the LIVE stuff. 

The US festival, the OAKLAND stuff, LIVE without a NET. 98 Sydney. the JAPAN stuff, I can go on but I think these are keys ones. 

If you need any help with anything. I will drop everything and aid you. If not, I understand. I know your busy, I get it. I know you want this done right. I feel it.

Sorry man, I know I'm all over the place with my comments/suggestions. I'm just excited and very grateful! Your doing this 100% right and with CLASS and again sorry so long but I hope you understand that this is very special and I'm very grateful. 


Take care BRO-SKI 




Thank you so much for chiming in Jimmy! I'm glad that you're doing better after your accident! I appreciate your kind words. I am doing my best to make each episode stand on its own and reveal special details in the music through my guests and my own experience. The live stuff is important as you mentioned. I do throw in elements about prime live shows throughout the series. There will likely be more to come from that too. Take care, DZ