Dweezil Zappa Teaches Frank Zappa Improvisation Techniques

In this video, I share details about my dad's guitar techniques and his approach to improvisation.

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Ron P.

awesome video thanks for sharing!!!


learning is fun and mental!!! thanks Mr. Kn'Evil.

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

While not a guitar player (Yet?) I love the technical descriptions you provide! It's AWESOME to hear what you do described in easy to understand terms!
Being a drummer, It takes me a while longer to grasp what happens on the guitar! This video was excellent to hear and watch and to actually learn from! 
SO glad I am here! 

Sara Metal-Net

I’m in the same boat. I’ve played the littlest bit of guitar and I’m a baby-drummer but it was so interesting to hear Dweezil describe and demonstrate the techniques he shared. 


Totally cool jams, phrases, and ideas.  I like the chicken vs. the spider analogy and description Dweezil!  :) Frank’s picking style is very unique.  That strat is cool... new instrument?


Thanks Kent! I've had it for a while. I built it from a bunch of different parts but it started life as a stock Fender stratocaster.

chris c.

Thank you for keeping it really alive and interesting every day!

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