Analyzing Van Halen - Episode #1 - Beautiful Girls

I seek to analyze Van Halen songs, pointing out how the notes chords and licks relate to the songs key.

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Mark Guerra

FRANK YOU ARE THE MAN, Such great information I am new at this Guitar thing wish I would not have waited so long to get on board but at 55 better late than never!

Jersey Frank

Mark, thank you so much for watching the video, glad you enjoyed it. Keep on picking brother!

Buddy Seamus

That was great Frank thank you

Jersey Frank

Thank you so much for watching Buddy! 


Hi Frank, just had a quick look at your video. Thanks for sharing! I thought I would throw something into the mix for you. Edward plays the open D string as the first note of "Beautiful Girls" instead of a doubled E note. D E F F# It also helps give him the strong first accent before swinging the chromatic run.

Jersey Frank

Thanks D!!