Ripley Super Pluto Guitar

Short video of the Ripley "Super Pluto" Stereo Guitar brain.

Michael Doherty

Can't wait to hear it, Dweezil!

Dennis F.

This is great. Another insane peice of gear I didn't know existed. Have fun turning knobs and tweezing some frequencies ! Can't wait to hear it. Has no one ever released a recording using this ?

Tim Z F.

The Internet sooth: Ripley made several, JJ Cale had some version of it, and Ry Cooder has one. Hey Dweezil, did you get yours from Eddie? There's a whole article on the birth of that guitar: and you can hear it on Van Halen's Top Jimmy: 


Hi Tim,

I got mine from Steve Ripley. He was a friend of mine as well. I'm looking forward to being to make sounds with it soon!

Rick F.

Neuron DSP or or one of those Rubber City Earthquaker sound shredders? How did you use it in the past? 
Rock on!

Eric C.

Where’s the music dweez?   


No music yet. Just got the brain back. Need to get the guitar hooked up to it and try it out.