Dweezil Zappa_Watermelon In Easter Hay_10-15-2016_Covington, KY

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Yes, without doubt, this is Dweezil Zappa. But for 7 minutes 57 seconds, he is Frank Zappa's Son. BRAVO.


Best version ever.



Gary B.

Hi Dweezil 

Wow! What a performance! Brilliant playing and the sound is spot on. I love the emotion at the end. I miss your dad every day but he will always be around while you are. Please don't ever stop doing what you are doing. He would have been proud of you.

Gary B. 


Thanks Gary! It's a tough song for me to play emotionally but it's also hard to capture the spirit of the playing and phrasing as well. I tried to replicate the tone as close as possible. I think it's pretty darn close. Glad you liked it!


Always amazing, so emotional ... it’s perfect ... thanks DZ