Cathedral - Tribute to Edward Van Halen

Like Dweezil so eloquently put it, Eddie Van Halen was a beacon to so many of us. We not only wanted to play like him, we all wanted to BE him. RIP Ed, you f****n' rocked.

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Nicely played Scott!

Scott Newell

Thanks Dweezil!!! I don't guess I have to tell you how obsessed I was and how much of my headspace he occupied, probably right around the same age/timeframe as you (and everyone else!).



Magic fingers

Scott Newell

Thanks John!

James G.

Beautiful rendition of Cathedral Scott, and beautiful words as well. I have a Yankee hat if you need to borrow.....;  )

Scott Newell

HAHA thanks James but as you can see I'm good!! :-P Thanks for the kind words too man I loved him so much.