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Brian L.

Hi Dweez, Good to hear from you. i was wondering how your going. Yeah too bad the Tour of Oz didnt come off, I had 8 front row seats for myself and the family.Things over here slowly getting back to normal, hope you can come again in the near future. Love Via Zamata'  Cheers

Sean W.

Father Vivian Oblivion!!! Patron Saint of the Smelt Fisherman, of Portuguese extraction!!!

Brent C.

Fantastic Dweezil!!! Brought my kids to see you at Washingtons in Fort Collins just before all the covid mess, it was the last live show we've seen & an amazing night.  Cannot wait till we get to see you out here again man! Thanks for the music


Hi Brent, Thanks for the kind words. That was a fun night and cool venue. Hope to see you again soon.

Chris B.

Saw your show in Melbourne Australia 2008, took my 12 year old son who is a mad fan.


That's so great, tell him I said hello. I wish we could've done our Hot Rats Oz tour. It was planned for the exact time period when covid hit. I love Australia.