Dweezil Zappa Guitar Rig - Choice Cuts Tour 2018

A tour of my guitar rig from 2018. I demonstrate several multi-layered sounds including the Dynaflnger sound.

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tim b.

D: Better spare our friend from this setup, he's averse to too much technology! :)


He'll be fine!

Eric C.

That is amazing. Your ability to play drowning witch live the way you do and seeing how you recreate the sound, astounds me asi think about Frank doing it live at the stonybrook university gym back in 1980. I still have my ticket stub. 10-25-80. $8.50 $6.50 for students 


Thanks, Eric. Isn't crazy how low ticket prices were! It's particularly amazing when you think of what you got for the money. Especially with one of my dad's shows.


Mind boggling, mind blown.  Lost in a whirlpool


Toys and talent what an amazing combination! 

Sazerac Jeff

This might be the best rig video I've seen. It says so much about constructing a layered tone, and isn't just gear porn (which I do also enjoy, lol). Great stuff. Thank you.


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