Sunset Sound - I'm Afraid of Americans

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David McCain

Fun story from this video: A good friend of mine, Billy Jean Vollman, is an actress who is a HUGE David Bowie fan. She had never heard this version until I played her this video ( in fact, she never even heard most of FZ's music let alone who Dweezil is ). But, after this video, she absolutely loves this. Billy has a talent of being to hear who can do the best/worst Bowie tributes. And, hands down, she LOVES this performance ( and, as a result, became a fan of both Frank/Dweezil Zappa ). 

Michael Doherty

So cool being able to see your process! Growing up I was a huge fan of David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. This cover is awesome! 

Glen W.

that guitar goes to 23??? wtf is the story?

Glen W.

Tube compessor. That was my mother's porn name.

Glen W.   and pretty appripo for this week in 'merica