Did anyone see this Youtube video about the brown sound?  He gets extremely close to it, probably the best I've heard in a long time.

Allen G.

In my opinion, for whatever that’s worth, this guy is a bit lost. He’s committed to the idea that re-amping was done. My cohorts on the MetroAmp forum and others have essentially ruled this out. I think the guy in this video decided that re-amping was “The Secret” and then looked to try to find some reasoning for that to be so rather than looking at the evidence and letting that guide him to an answer. 

Rob G

Hey gang, the newly released Brian May boxset edition of the Starfleet project has the complete sessions featuring lots of additional takes with Ed, including different solos to what were originally released in '83. It's awesome! I bought the set but it's also on Spotify.

-Dweezil, maybe Brian would want to chat about it?

Nuno C.

Hi! Subscribed RWTD on December 2020. Still no Helix presets. Why the delay?

Benjamin L.

Hey Dweezil, loving the Fractal Presets you've released thus far.  Curious if you have plans to release any more?  Looking forward to the next episode too.  Thanks!


Dweezil states on the site he is making Fractal bundles for his favourite tones, so hopefully more will be on the way soon.

Jason T.

Joe Bonamassa episode....he hardly knew any VH.  I have nothing against Joe, but he clearly has no idea when it comes to EVH.  How about getting someone like Pete Thorn on?

Bill B

Yep.  But I went into the episode expecting that. You can tell he tried to say as much good things as he knew about Ed, but he didn't seem influenced and that's OK.  Pete Thorn would be awesome.  I sat through his video with 25 pickup swap outs, trying to nail the VH tone.  Pete knows the nuances and is equally as much as a VH geek as 'we' are.  Joe B, was sort of a miss but I appreciate his take on something he's not really into. 


Couldn't agree more . I think George Lynch would been a better option than Joe.B.

Richard  K.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed what you’ve pointed out. From what little I know of Joe Bonamassa, an interview with him discussing the impact of Eric Johnson would be more interesting.