Matt O.

Another gem! I wish these would never end...I for the life of me don't understand why Billy C. did not like this record.... it's full of golden nuggets which you uncovered Dweezil. What's funny to me about this record is Jan Van Halen is on it and my dad's name is Jan. It was always a kindred spirit kind of thing I had with Ed...even though I never met him.. I was going to bring it up to him when I was going to meet him one day :) I mean c'mon...I play guitar, you play guitar, our dads names are Jan... best friends forever! Lol.

David McCain

Hey Dweezil. Great job with this episode! Funny enough, this episode woke me up to two things: 

1.) Diver Down has always been my least favorite disc, to be honest. I love " Cathedral, " " Secrets, " and " Big Bad Bill. . ." ( with their dad, Jan ). But the rest just didn't impress me. However, thanks to this episode, I'll be going back and transcribe some of those parts for my own playing ( especially that main riff to " Hang 'Em High " ). And. . . 

2.) I never really paid much attention to Tremonti's musicianship before this episode ( I know Wolfgang did some work with him ). But, he sounds like a really bright guy ( and a pretty awesome guitarist ). So, I will definitely be checking out his work more often!

Great work on this, Dweezil. These episodes have really helped me get back into studying Edward's playing.

Take care!

David C.

Hi Dweezil.  Just noticed that the last four podcasts have been WAV downloads, but the first five were mp3s.  Any chance the first five could be uploaded as WAVs?


Yes, please make wav/flac available for all episodes. That's one of the reasons I subscribed.


As I have been listening to this series Dweezil has been dropping some great stuff in I have never heard before (like "Act Like Hit Hurts" aka "The Red Zone") as well as referencing some things that are unreleased. I came across this great selection earlier and it is pretty awesome for anyone who wants to hear 25 or so unreleased VH songs across all periods of the band. Check it:

Dweezil Z.

Thanks Tiger Baby! Good stuff there!

Mark H.

Just loving this series - every episode (or pair of episodes) offers a new perspective, even the double up on Fair Warning was worth it to me as a) it's SUCH a good record, and b) it gave me a totally different take on Billy Corgan which I really enjoyed.  It's a real treat to listen to people nerd out over music that I love in a way that my wife is totally not into .  It has caused me to go back and re-listen and fall in love with the VH catalogue all over again.  Great project, really glad it exists.

Dweezil Z.

Glad you're enjoying it Mark! Wives don't always appreciate the guitar nerd stuff but this series has plenty of nerdy stuff for you to enjoy!

David McCain

Same here for me, Mark ( haha )! I've tried to get my wife into some of my favorite music but it's a no go. So, this is a great place to hang out and geek out over guitar stuff!