David McCain

Hey Dweezil? Going through that July 85 GW magazine interview with Edward ( last night ), I found a quote from Edward on the sound of the bass for Fair Warning. When complimented about Mike's bass sound for the album, Edward responded with " Small bass amps. We used smaller bass amps for a tighter sound. " I'm curious is he used any bass amps for the guitar, since Edward has so much presence in those rhythm guitar tracks. And, does anyone know ( maybe Donn Landee? ) if Edward had always used the Shure 57s from the start? In 1996, an engineer at a studio in Reno ( called Granny's House ) once told me that Edward had used a Telefunken mic on some of his tracks ( he couldn't remember when these mics were used and on what tracks, sadly ). Didn't your dad use Telefunkens for his guitar tracks on live shows?


Thanks for these podcasts! Their TOTALLY getting me back into tone searching again. 


I hate to be posting something negative here but I feel I have too... Five episodes in and I have to say you are absolutely ruining the chances of there ever being a guitar podcast better than this. It’s impossible... This is as good as it gets people. Best podcasts I’ve ever heard. 

Dweezil Z.

Thanks! Nice click bait too, LOL

David McCain

For anyone wants to see/hear a little more, there is a brand new DZ interview at Sunset Sound: 

Matthew S.

I don't play guitar, but in 1978 Edward Van Halen stopped me dead in my tracks when I first heard him.  Listening to you and Blues pick apart the nuances of his playing is awesome.  I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat with excitement, I wholeheartedly love all the episodes.  Can't wait for Fair Warning, especially "Push Comes to Shove". 

Timothy J.

Excellent part two with Blues on WACF. Can't wait for the episode with Nuno on Fair Warning!