Charles D.

This is so awesome Dweezil!!!! 5150 bundle ordered!!! How often are you going to post the podcasts? Thanks!


Thanks Charles! We are going to post episodes weekly!

Scott D.

Hey Dweezil...

Really looking forward to the content and the Helix presets...I have both Native and the Stomp running through a 5150iii.  Hoping to see a 4CM preset that will take advantage of that setup.  If not pretty sure we can just reverse engineer the reverse engineer to suit our needs.  FWIW Like you Fair Warning is my favorite album, but I do think his tone and the mix on Diver Down is way overlooked. Looking forward to other's perspectives.  BTW a murders row of guests...thanks for putting this together.



Hi Scott,

Thanks for jumping in. I hope you enjoy the series. I'll keep your suggestions in mind when we make the presets for the Helix. I too love the tone on Diver Down! Especially "The Full Bug." The tone is still mean like Fair Warning but doesn't have the richness of the mids and low end. A different sound but still a very good one!


5150 bundle instabought!  Thank you, Dweezil for putting this podcast together.  Your unique insight into Eddie's music is warmly welcomed by all of us VH fans!!

QQ1: Will you (pretty please) release this awesome a cappella version of runnin with the devil/Dweezil? :)

QQ2: Will the brown sound presets be Axe-FX II compatible?  (vs. only for the most recent versions of the Axe)


Hi Reza,

Thank you for the kind words! QQ1 - Maybe I will. QQ2 - I had not planned on that but now that you bring it up I will keep that in mind so that the presets will work for both AXE II and Axe III. Enjoy the bundle! Best, DZ

Shane J.

Hi Dweezil, 

Just subscribed to the 5150 bundle. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming episodes, particularly the Fair Warning episodes! Also, can’t wait for the presets for the Helix! Stay safe! 


Hey Shane,

Thanks! Fair Warning is my favorite VH record for sure! I recorded 2 complete episodes about it. I spoke with Nuno Bettencourt for nearly 4 hours about it and another 2 hours with Billy Corgan! The guitar presets that will be made will include a few Fair Warning inspired presets.

Previn V.

Hi Dweezil, looking forward to enjoying these episodes and hearing all these great players talk VH! Got the 5150 bundle.  Hope you and the band are all safe and well, so close to catching the Hot Rats tour to Australia before we all went into lockdown. I'll be there whenever you make it back to Australia in the future. 2018 Melbourne was fantastic. Cheers!


Hi Previn,

Thanks so much! I wish we could've made it down there. Hope to be able to return. At some point, I plan to mix an entire Hot Rats Live concert and release it here.

Best, DZ