Kenneth L.

Dude! The Greg Howe episode is so good! 
The whole discussion of the VH "swing" is music to my ears.
When people pass off VH has a just another hard rock band with a great guitar player I play songs like "Push Comes to Shove" to show how they are so much more than any other band of their generation.

BTW - Having guests that can play the licks and are set up to play during the interview is the best. It facilitates a much deeper discussion of the music.

Great job Dweez! 

Kevin D.

Hey Dweezil, I’m 28 now and can’t agree more with how music is wallpaper for lifestyles in my generation. love how I can come to this podcast and hear people who appreciate music like I do! I also was wondering if you’ve ever heard push comes to shove played live ever. Thanks!


Hey Kevin,

Glad you're enjoying the podcast. I never heard the song performed live. I wish I had though! Who knows, maybe it'll turn up on a bootleg one day.

Ben H.

Hi Dweezil, Only just discovered this amazing series through your appearance on Tone Talk. Fantastic content for 50 something old guitarists!

Thanks for putting this together. Best, Ben




I finally got around to purchasing this first set of podcast episodes as a little birthday present to myself (my birthday is in 2 wks). Glad I did! Such awesome stories, and a just a great description of the friendships that can develop among people who share interests...A beautiful tribute to Eddie's memory.


Thanks Cory! Happy belated birthday! Glad you're enjoying the podcast series. Best, DZ


Oh, not belated at all! In fact, my b-day is actually in just under 2 weeks (July 22). So your birthday greeting was a bit early, and very much appreciated!

Carl C.

I love this so much and thought I knew EVERYTHING but learned so much. I cant wait for the Don Landee interview !!