Hello St. Alfonzo Download folks,

I've been working on the issues you mentioned. For clarification, "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast" is included in the Silver Subscription package as a free downloadable track and there should be a download prompt visible. It is also a downloadable track for standard purchase. Once purchased, the download prompt should be visible. If the non visible download prompt problem is still occurring, please let me know. I'm sorry for the delays and confusion and I appreciate your patience. We will get this sorted for all of you.

Greg C.

I'm having the same problem with "Saint Alphonso". There is no download link for the audio track as the other songs have. Only a link for "details" which leads to the awesome video!

Frans G.

No "Pancakes" downloadable still here in Amsterdam but fortunately patience is at an all time high so no worries and I am confident it will be sorted out.


Actually I have only Alphonso available on both PC and mobile (maybe I was mistaken before). Yes all good with patience and providing feedback (as long as Patience is not the song by GnR, and the feedback is not the harsh PA type) 

Anyway, I love the idea of not connecting through FB or whatever, and supporting good music over the long haul rather than just buying at the end! I am also super keen on how this might combine music listening with music learning!!!


Bought it. Love it. I just wish it was available on CD. I prefer to fondle & fetish such masterpieces