Blake G.

Thank you Dweezil. I am so psyched you are making this stuff available....blowz my mind....its so good....quality is fantastic. We want  s more! 

Blake G.

What year is this show? Who is on drums? Thanks.


2010. It was with the old drummer joe travers.

Jason Camelio

It is a total joy to hear this LIVE! Thank you for sharing this recording. apostrophe (') was the very first Frank album I purchased. It was my gateway. I am seeing this refrain the the thread here too. The power of music is deep.

Eric C.

So awesome! Somehow it took me this ling to get yo this. Thanks deeez! 


My first FZ experience. 1976, 15yrs old. A friend would sing it in school. Then, off I went into Zappaland for the next 44yrs. Stuck to seat 38 on Phydeaux III.