Hello Everyone, Tomorrow is day one of DZPFZ rehearsal! It's the first time we are playing under our new name and the band will be slightly different this time around as well. I've added an additional female vocalist named...Read more
  • Eat That Question

    Eat That Question

    Sony Pictures Classics Presents EAT THAT QUESTION: Frank Zappa In His Own Words, a Film By Thorsten Schütte.  Opening At The Film Forum In NYC & NuArt In Los Angeles June 24th, 2016 and Then Around The Country.  Watch the film trailer here.

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  • Dweezil

    Response to my brother's open letter...

    Hello Ahmet,Now that I've completed my Via Zammata' tour I've had a chance to read your open letter. Since it can be challenging to convey tone in print I will preface this by saying I am not responding to you with...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Thank You/Via Zammata'

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to thank all of the folks who came out to support my Via Zammata' tour. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the shows. It was a fun change of pace for me to play my own music again. There...Read more
  • Dweezil

    It's been a while!

  • Dweezil


    ​Hi Everyone, Someone once said, "Touring can make you crazy." This week Zappa Plays Zappa begins another month of touring. In the past 10 years we've experienced all kinds of things on the road, the good the bad and the...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Lyric help!

    Hello Everyone, Does anybody have the lyrics to my song "Shameless" from the 1988 My Guitar Want To Kill Your Mama record handy? I don't have a copy of the record... which is odd... I can't find one at the moment. Anyway if...Read more
  • Been Signing CDs 'til my eyeballs fail to see...

    Been Signing CDs 'til my eyeballs fail to see...

    Hi Everyone, I've been doing a marathon Via Zammata' CD signing session in preparation for the big day of fulfillment! It's been 5 straight hours so far to sign over 1200 CDs and then repack for shipping. I need some of...Read more
  • Dweezil

    Guitar Enthusiasts?

  • In France...

    In France...

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently in France (We are playing the Juans Le Pins Jazz Festival) and I'm working on last minute bits and pieces for the art package of "Via Zammata'." It's all coming together at long last! There are...Read more