Audio Documentary Questions part 2

Audio Documentary Questions part 2

Hello Everyone,

I've just posted Audio Documentary EP - 8 "Live In The Moment (Part One)" and next week I'll post part 2. In the mean time, feel free to submit some questions for upcoming episodes about:


Dweezil Zappa Return Of The Son Of

FOH III Out Of Obscurity

You can also offer suggestions for future topics as well.

Best, DZ

David McCain

Dweezil: In thinking about new questions, one did pop into my head watching the latest " Live In The Moment II " show: Years ago, you used a set of Red Bear Guitar Picks. Since you have been disclosing some of the gear used in previous DZ tours, could you talk about those picks ( how they help with your picking, sound, playing Frank's parts on guitars, etc. )? Thanks!


Suggestions for future topics -

Who has disgusted you?

Do or would you like a hit record (in the charts, with a bullet ?)


How many guitars do you own and which is your favourite to play ?


Dweezil, as you know I have seen you and the teenage rockin' combo many times and loved every performance,  Who would be in your ideal band (obviously Scheila)

David McCain


1.) What kinds of modifications do you perform with overseas electrical requirements? Do you have voltage transformers for those shows, etc. ? Does it alter the tone coming out of the amps/monitors? 

2.) Your dad once said that the European audiences seemed to enjoy the more instrumental music compared to his more vocal oriented pieces. Would you say that mentality is still the same way based on your own tours? 

3.) Ever run out of music at one of your shows to the point where you have to improvise something for an unexpected encore? 

4.) Ever had an air force call come through a wireless unit to an amp ( via Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap )? 

One topic I'd like to hear more about is touring expenses ( how you pay for a bus/trailer, insurance rates-who covers this-for people and instruments, how you deal with Unions for recordings, etc ). I'm aiming to get back into live concert playing and I'm looking into the reality of having to pay extra costs as more folks/musicians come out during this time of the pandemic. 




Ørjan K.

Hi Dweezil!

In a Rig rundown for Premier Guitar Magazine in 2016 you showed The Jam Pedal The Big Chill hooked up to an expression pedal that made it go bonkers. You mentioned in the interview that particular effect would be released later "maybe next year". Is there anything coming down the pipeline? It was the most amazing effect ever! I would definitely buy one!


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