Audio Documentary Questions

Audio Documentary Questions

Hello Everyone,

Since we are back in production on the Audio Doc series I thought I would offer up the opportunity to have your own questions answered in some upcoming episodes.

Please submit your questions for the Audio Documentary Series in the comment section below. We will try to get to as many of your questions as we can.

Upcoming topics:

Via Zammata

Live In The Moment II

Zappa Plays Zappa

Dweezil Zappa The Return Of The Son Of...

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Kyle R.

When are you touring?

Matt Picone

It's funny how as I get older, fewer and fewer albums seem to make it into the realm of "favorites" to achieve that special place. I'm a huge fan of exploring NEW music, and the world is filled with amazing "first listens," but my cadre of rotating favorites seems to grow very slowly. That said, "Via Zammata" elevated itself into that magical inner circle, and not just based on the emotions of my admiration and friendship with many of the people who performed on the album. Now, having the audio documentary to go with it deepens my appreciation and I wanted to say THANK YOU!


PS: I am also adding the note that V.Z. was the album that came instantly to mind when my wife asked me what she should play for her classroom of 7th/8th graders to "entertain, interest, and inform." 

Oscar F.

Will Automatic and Shampoohorn ever come to Spotify?


Thank you,



Steve Kusaba

Given that you are very successful at the business end of music, how would a non touring composer reach a decent sized audience? Thanks.


Great audio doc on Via Zammata, really enjoyed it!  Thanks for the shout too amigo.  Can't wait to dive into the others.  There is a song on Live in the Moment II (I think - or was it #I?).  I believe it's called "They're attracted to the light" - that song has a grandeur vibe I dig,  especially for epic soloing that you do on it! - Buddy

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