Dweezil Plays Favorites

Dweezil Plays Favorites

Everyone has heroes that inspire them. When I started playing guitar I had many! Obviously my dad was a huge inspiration but there were 3 other players that had a huge impact on my playing. They made me want to learn their songs and styles and also recreate their tones.

I was always fascinated by the details in every guitar sound. I could always envision playing my favorite songs and solos as close to the original as possible so I learned them with that in mind.

It's always a dream to get close to the sound of your favorite players and to be able to play with their same phrasing. After years of learning about gear and how to use it as well as learning songs, I finally got to a place where I felt like I could do what I envisioned at 12 years old. Then a funny thing happened, I realized that once I could do that then it was time to do my own thing, make my own unique sounds and music.

I'm still working on that!

In homage to a few of my heroes, here's a couple of videos of my attmepts to get close to their sounds and playing.

Randy Rhoads was a huge influence as well. I tried to play this whole song as close as I could.


Crazy Train

Tenacious D w/ Dweezil Zappa...

I always loved Jimi Hendrix's fuzz tone, especially on the "Star-Spangled Banner." Here's a few examples of me playing in the Hendrix style.


Dweezil Zappa - Star Spangled Banner

Dweezil Zappa plays the "Star-Spangled Banner" using Fractal Axe Effects at Dweezilla Music Boot Camp, July 4, 2012 - Fireworks start TOO EARLY! Watch for exploding pedestrian at 3:05....

And another from the Experience Hendrix Tour


Experience Hendrix: Dweezil Zappa

Dunlop is honored to be one of the co-presenters of this year's 2014 Experience Hendrix Tour, and in connection with the tour proudly presents an intimate interview with one of the tour's featured artists Dweezil Zappa....

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David McCain

These are superb videos. But, with all of the amazing inspirational work you've done on your playing, I'm curious how much Warren DeMartini affected your playing. I can hear a little bit of Warren's style of vibrato on more than a few of your phrases ( it's that cool style of vibrato where it works after a pentatonic phrase with a series of bends that almost swings to an eighth note style rhythm ). Great stuff! 


Warren DeMartini is definitely one of my favorite players. I love his bluesy pentatonic runs. They always have a cool triplet feel. I don't have any videos that really demonstrate his influence in my playing.